What to do in Tenerife with kids?

Travelling to Tenerife with children is a wonderful opportunity for all kinds of adventures.

In this article, we share our tips for family-friendly things to do on the island of Eternal Spring.

Go Whale and Dolphin watching

There are few things cooler for both kids and adults than watching whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. And there are few places in the world where you can experience this all year long.

Whale watching is a popular activity for families due to the calm waters and great climate of south Tenerife. In general, tours in the morning hours are for families as the later afternoon trips are taken by those who want to swim or watch the sunset.  

We recommend trips with smaller sailing boats as they are not so crowded and noisy. 

Enjoy some of Tenerife’s best Family-Friendly Hikes


Hiking with a child in Tenerife is much easier than you think. Of course, there are long and hard trails for experienced hikers but there is a great selection of short hikes that is enjoyable with the smallest explorers.

A small backpack, some food enough water and a child carrier are everything you might need to have a great experience. Read more about our baby carrier which provides maximum comfort for parent and child.

Hiking along the coast of El Sauzal It is a very peaceful and easy trail with just a few locals passing by. It is not very famous among tourists what makes the area even more exciting. The length of the trail is about 3,5 km and  it can be done in 1-1,5 hours. 

Discovering the Anaga mountains (El Bosque de Los Enigmas)–  Located in the northeastern tip of Tenerife, it is one of the oldest, greenest and wettest place on the island.  The area feels like a prehistoric paradise with its jungle-like forest This trail is about 4,5 km. We recommend doing it during the week, as in the weekends, locals like to spend their free days around. 

Explore the famous volcano El TeideThere is no better story for a child than to discover an active volcano. If your toddler is older than 5 years old then the top of the volcano is an option also, but if it’s younger you can do plenty of shorter walks in the national park at 2.200 meters.

Road trip to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the Canary Islands


I know I know, a whole day walking around in a big city-booooooring. BUT, it doesn’t need to be this way. Santa Cruz has much more to offer. You can start the day by walking close to the port and admire those huge cruise ships, then visit the famous African Market with local products and fresh fish, after lunch discover the hidden playgrounds of Parque Garcia Sanabria and finally finish the day with a well-deserved ice-cream in Mio Gelato.  


If your kid is less then 5 years old and a day like this might require a carrier or stroller than consider renting a child shoulder carrier. The baby carrier gives maximum comfort with two hands-free. 

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Take your kids on a fabulous Kayaking ride


Going for a guided kayaking trip in Tenerife with the kids can be an action-packed adventure. It is probably one of the easiest sports to get anyone out having a good time. Going out on a kayak on the coast of south Tenerife is certain to make family memories. The views are stunning and if you are lucky you might encounter dolphins and turtles. 

Kayaks are designed for families of 3 in a way that the child sits in the middle, between the parents. Like this, the kid can enjoy some paddling but isn’t required to do most of the job.